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INFOTESTERS Limited is a duly accredited tuition/ training center for the IICFIP (International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigations Professionals) in Uganda.

IICFIP is the world’s premier professional membership organization for investigation professionals like internal investigators, practicing CPAS, ACCA, criminal investigators, forensic investigators, among others.

INFOTESTERS Limited offers training in the following professional courses leading to accreditation & membership with IICFIP:

Should you be interested in enrolling for the training and require more information on the courses, kindly get in touch with us, or you may apply for admission via this link: APPLY


4th floor, Information House,
on Hakati Road,
Directly Opposite Chopies Supermarket,
Near Afya Centre


+254 20 221 2702 (Phone)
+254 (0) 723 810 204
+254 (0) 773 110 991 (Mobile)